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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Strong Storm Floods Basement

Saxonburg is looking into an overhaul of the stormwater piping around Thelma Drive.

A full catch basin, missing plans and one flooded home have prompted council to request two estimates for work on the storm water system in the area.

By next month, council will consider whether to fix or replace the existing stormwater infrastructure near Thelma Drive, council President William Gillespie Jr. said.

Following a complaint last month, borough employees pumped water from a Thelma Drive resident's front lawn to ease some of the water flow into her basement, borough Superintendent Tom Knights said.

Normally, stormwater flooding is the result of stormwater entering sewage lines, but Saxonburg doesn't have a combined sewer and stormwater system.

Because there are no plans for the area, Gillespie said borough workers will have to find the sources of the water collected in the now-full catch basin.

The 8-inch terra cotta pipe used to drain the catch basin isn't large enough to handle the flow from multiple lines, Gillespie said.

"The 8-inch is adequate for her property," Gillespie said. "It's not able to handle other areas of Thelma Drive, as well."

Papik said estimates will be made available to council at February's meeting.

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