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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Second Pipe Break In Two Days Frustrates West End Residents

A water main break on Lawrence, east of Black Creek, has left a residential building without water while crews try to repair the damage.

It's the second water main break at 1577 Lawrence in two days.

On Monday the city had to shut down roads after cold temperatures turned streets into virtual ice rinks.

The latest break Tuesday flooded backyards and basements in the area and forced an apartment complex to turn off their water.

"This whole building has no fire protection and no domestic water at this moment," revealed Joe Cirillo, Manager Operations For Toronto Water, West District. "Right now they are trying to determine where the leaks are so they can make repairs. Until they make the repairs the building will be without water. Hopefully by midnight they should have the water back on. It depends on where the break is and how much damage has been done."

"It's an old system it's probably been in the ground 50 years," he added, noting that the city isn't responsible for mains that break on private property.

Residents behind the complex faced a torrent of water, which naturally moved to the lower laying land their homes sit on.

"This whole street was shut down...water pouring down towards Black Creek Drive on Lawrence and also coming across the field here...flooding our basement. And then again today, massive flooding," one frustrated resident explained.

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