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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Burst Pipe Floods Condo Residents

LAS VEGAS -- Some broken water pipes caused a major headache for a group of people at one condominium complex. The water damage is severe but what is most frustrating for the residents is trying to find help while repairs are being made.

Debris left over from the flooding litters the area around the complex which is located near N. Rainbow Blvd. and Cheyenne Ave.

Crews were out over the weekend cleaning and attempting to dry out the units. In total, 12 units were impacted by the burst pipe and now the families are having to move out so the proper repairs can be made.

"I don't have the money to move out and the HOA is not stepping up to the plate. No one, the owner, no one is and I'm on my own and I'm a single mom and I'm unemployed looking for work," said Sandra Garcia.

Although damage to her condominium is minimal, Garcia and her family have been told they will eventually have to leave the unit so repairs can be made.

Some of the other units affected by burst pipe were much more severely damaged and will also have to be repaired. The question now is who is going to pay? According to Western Risk Insurance, which handles the insurance for the Villa Del Sol Homeowners Association, the HOA's insurance will likely cover the damages to the building which includes dry wall and cabinetry. As for who will pay for relocation services, Mark Coolman with Western Risk Insurance says the owner's insurance and renters insurance should cover those costs. He says that is not the responsibility of the homeowner's association.

"If they have their own personal insurance, they should be calling their insurance agent and they should be saying we have this loss and you need to coordinate with the association insurance but I need a place to stay because I have a loss of use or loss or rent insurance," said Coolman.

Some tenants say they feel the HOA should be footing the bill to relocate them. However, the HOA is only responsible for the physical structure. Relocation costs will have to be discussed between each individual owner and their tenant. He says people with homeowners or renters insurance shouldn't have a problem.

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